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Upgraded ICanDo (2-3yr)

Playball realized that after all the lockdowns, classes , schools and club closures. 2-3 year old's had spent almost half their little lives in Lockdown. No wonder some have found it difficult to socialize, play with others , go to nursery or leave their care giver of late.

Our ICanDo (2-3yrs) programme has always been very popular but we felt we needed to make some changes in order to assist our children and the changes they have been going through. So with the aid of our Occupational Therapist we have focused a bit more on the child’s experiences during class.

For the upgrade we needed to  

Continue to deliver an active introduction to structured FUN!

Allow 2’s to enjoy movement and explore their body’s abilities 

Establish a physical base of appropriate FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS

Promote learning readiness (All age appropriate milestones)

Establish the necessary habits for the next phase of their development


The word “skill” is going to be made REDUNDANT from our new 2-3 yrs coaching system

Every lesson is going to give the child up to FIVE different experiences

The coach is going to guide and facilitate these experiences as opposed to COACH them

What are these experiences?






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The two's are ready to leave the care giver and start a new chapter of independence.  They enjoy discovering what thier own bodies can do, what other friends can do and exploring the wider world around them through movement.  Everything they do helps them grow stronger and works towards their essential physical milestones.


Yes, children as young as 2 learn through movement too - in fact movement is a child's introduction to the world and their first experiences of life!  

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