Age Groups

The I Can Do program.

The Watch Me Play program.

The Dinkies program.

The Preps program.

The PlaySport program.

Fun2Be1 program and Early 2s

PlayGolf for 6-12 year olds


Our Dinkies program is one of our most important age group programs. Much of the skills developed in this program will assist our children in the move to Reception class and the new environment of BIG school. Its in this program that we start focusing on partner work; team building, goal setting and confidence to stand in front of a class.

These are often things that come up in reception that most children have not experienced before. We focus on these life skills so when they do come up, our children have the confidence and the reassurance that they have accomplished them before and thus make a smooth transition into their new school life.

We also start moving from Skills in isolation to skill sequencing. The combining of skills to form a specific sequence of sports skills. 

The children are introduced to a wide variety of different skills in each lesson. It is in this stage that they have the opportunity to practice the skills more rigorously developing competence.

  • Development of a wide variety of ball skills.
  • Emphasis on individual participation.
  • Overcoming the fears that dis-encourage sports participation.
  • Introduction to organized ball skill activities.

 Please view our Video below


The Dinkies are beginning to show their teacher and friends how they can manipulate a ball with their feet, with a hockey stick or a bat.  They can balance a bean bag confidently on their heads whilst sitting down and standing up.  They are also able to accomplish tasks in a variety of different ways - such as throwing under arm or over arm.  They play confidently with big balls and small balls, as well as manipulate objects such as hoops, tennis bats and hockey sticks."

The main emphasis here is on mastering a variety of sport and movement skills, the balance between participation and the quality of each skill is given careful consideration. By use of repetition, the quality of the execution of each skill improves. Pupils take great strides into the world of competent sport participation as good ball skills are established and improved on. We practice hitting, kicking, catching, throwing, rolling etc to build up our bank of sport splinter skills and always finish with a fun and exciting game! 

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