Age Groups

The I Can Do program.

The Watch Me Play program.

The Dinkies program.

The Preps program.

The PlaySport program.

Fun2Be1 program and Early 2s

PlayGolf for 6-12 year olds


PlaySport is a programme designed for the Child!

Its objective is to assist any young child, regardless of ability to improve their competence in SPORT.


  • Teaching according to a scientifically recognized Methodology
  • Which takes in to account the Process of Learning
  • As well as considering Overall development
  • Our method enables All children to learn, whether they have a flair for sports or whether they have been labelled average,

The Unique Layering Method we use will meet the young child on his/her own level and help them achieve competence to participate.

Football, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Basketball and Cricket! 

We have designed a program for every popular sport played at school so the children can hone their skills, build confidence and develop a love of the sport.

Multi Sport Classes

We also have our Multi Sport classes where we combine 3 different sport into one term. For children who are keen to try their hand at a range of different sports in one term.

Our lessons are filled with enough variety and fun so that the children will not get bored in this specialist environment. In fact, they will not even realize that they are being taught the right Technique and Rules of the sport.

We are driven to help kids and to create an awareness amongst all significant adults in a child’s life about Healthy Sports Development.

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