Term Info

Spring term 2024

First day: Monday 8 January 2024

Last day: Saturday 30 March 2024 ( 11 week term)

Half term: Monday 12 to Friday 16 February 2024 (No Playball)

Please note: There will be Playball on Saturday the 17th of February and no Playball on Saturday the 2nd of March.

Please note: There is no Playball on Friday the 29th of March (Good Friday)

Cost of term

Mondays - Thursdays (11 week term) £154

Fridays (10 week term) £140

Saturdays (11 week term) £165

PlayGolf (11 week term) £198

Payment Plan:

We have set up a payment plan of 3 equal payments for all parents that would love to do classes this term and would find it easier to spread the cost out over 3 payments.

If this is you and there are many parents who have already taken this option, please book your class today. Dont make payment!

Once your class is booked send us an email straight away to tell us you want to take advantage of this option ( So the booking is not deleted) and we will sort out the rest.

Pro rata: 

All classes are prorated so you will only pay from when you join the class

Administration fee:

A once off administration fee of £10.00 per child is payable on registration.
The administration fee includes all reports, trophies, medals, prizes and certificates throughout your child's time at Playball as well as a Playball T-Shirt . This fee is non- refundable under any circumstance.


For the Spring term most classes will start at their indoors venue but will move outdoors as soon a possible. (Date TBC) Some classes will stay outdoors the whole term.

Please see the Venue Locations page for all information on your venue.

NB! When looking for a class on the website, you will notice in the Spring term and the Autumn term,  venues will appear with two venues, like this Venue/Venue. This is the indoor and outdoor Venue for that same class. It just means that when the class moves outdoors or indoors (which you will be told, Dates TBC) that's where the class will move too. For example Latchmere Leisure Centre/Clapham Common. Latchmere is the indoor venue and Clapham Common is the outdoor venue.

We will always tell you when a class is due to move.

Please see the Venue Locations page for all information on your venue.

Autumn term 2023

First day: Monday 4th September 2023

Last day: Saturday 9th December 2023

Half term: Monday 23 to Saturday 28 October 2023 (No Playball)

No classes Saturday 9th September  (Coaches training/workshop)

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